Purchase Price:
Down Payment: $ %
Trade In: optional
Owed On Trade In: optional
Rebate: optional
Add Rebate to Down Payment?:
Amount to Finance:
Annual Interest Rate Percentage :
Loan Term in years:
Sales Tax (%):
Finance sales tax?:
Payment Type:
First Year Depreciation (%): optional
Average Annual Depreciation (%): optional

Your Loan Results

Your Payment:
Payment Type:
Interest Rate:
Initial Loan Principal:
Sales Tax:
Term in years:
Total Loan Interest Expense:

Vehicle Depreciation

First Year Depreciation:
Average Annual Depreciation:
Depreciation Throughout Loan:
Car Value at End of Loan:
Sales Tax + Interest + Depreciation:
Net Purchase Expense (sales tax + interest + depreciation - rebate):

The Auto Buyer’s Guide to Vehicle Finance and Depreciation